Summer essential: 4711 Cologne Stick

4711 Cologne StickOk, so maybe calling this an essential is going a little too far but I’ve got one in each handbag and hate the thought of being stuck on stuffy airless days without one so, you know what? I’m sticking with essential.

The little gem in question is the 4711 Cologne Stick. 4711 have been making eau de cologne to this recipe since 1792 so it’s not exactly the new kid in the refreshing scent gang, but it’s endured for a reason – it’s possibly the most refreshing scent in the world*. With notes of orange, lemon, rosemary, bergamot, neroli, and lavender, it’s zingy, sharp, and aromatic, and just ever-so-slightly astringent in a good way.

The freshness of the scent is perfectly suited to being packaged as a solid gel stick which always feels cool to the touch and is brilliant for whacking on pulse points (wrists, behind ears, temples) to wake you up, refresh, and make you feel a bit less like killing someone due to the heat. Oh, only me?

Also available as a spray cologne, deodorant, splash, and cologne tissues (essentially scented wet wipes). All excellent.

Find the 4711 Cologne Stick at Boots for a bargainous £3.99 (usually £5.99).

*I have no evidence for this apart from my own nose, but it’s entirely possible that it’s true…

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