Don’t (slogan) sweat it.

Don’t (slogan) sweat it.

Slogan sweatshirts. Lots of grey marl. Yes, they may both be a bit of a blogger cliché but I like to think that they fall into the category of ‘things that have been marvellous for longer than most bloggers have been alive’* and frankly they’re usually comfy and cosy and useful for throwing on instead of actually thinking about what to wear on a Sunday.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Slogans in French are obviously at the top of the cliché tree but who wouldn’t want their chest to greet the world in such a charming way? Find it here.
  2. I couldn’t resist this, although I’d almost certainly wear it over skinny jeans rather than risk flashing my granny pants at the world. It’s here.
  3. Hannah Gale is one of the few the only blogger who can make writing like a Kardashian’s text message appealing and she also has some ace sweatshirts. I’m only slightly worried that people might think I’m offering free hugs (I most definitely am not). Find it here.
  4. I do think New Look are confused about Scandinavian geography but this is a bit of a bargain. It’s here.
  5. I think this one from Etsy is my favourite because a) it looks so slouchy, and b) it’s from an independent seller. Find it and her other designs here.
  6. Finally, the double joy of French and brushed cotton. I like to think that if one woke up in paradise, one wouldn’t reach for a sweatshirt but until then, you can find it here.

*see also: peonies; avocado on toast; leather biker jackets; Diptyque candles; brunch.

Which is your favourite?

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