Etsy prints #3 – Naps


We’ve had lipstick and coffee so I thought the third instalment of my Etsy series should be about another integral part of my life: naps. I bloody love a good nap; it might be because I don’t sleep very well at night, kept awake by a whirring brain, but I’m always able to drop off for a good afternoon snooze. Maybe I’m part cat…

  1. Speaking of cats, I love the simplicity of this with just whiskers. Meow. It’s £3.60 for the jpeg here.
  2. Whilst naps might not fix everything, I reckon they’re good for 99%… This one is another download, and it’s £3.04 here.
  3. This is cute, even if I wish that things intended for girls didn’t always include lashes and blushing. It’s £5 plus postage here.
  4. I’ve always loved Winnie the Pooh – he was wiser than you might think. This is £2.53 for the jpeg here.
  5. Anyone with a cat will have seen them in positions like this, usually just in the place you want to sit. This gorgeous print is £25 plus postage here. I think it’s my favourite.

Are you pro or anti-nap?

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