Review: Jo Loves Red Truffle 21

Review: Jo Loves Red Truffle 21

Jo Loves Red Truffle 21I wrote about a few of my go-to winter fragrances a year or so ago and I still love all of them. However, my heart has gone to this dreamy scent from Jo Loves, and it’s been my favourite since my wedding (almost a year ago, unbelievably). If it looks like I haven’t used much of it, it’s because I’ve been saving it  – I’m not going to after this because I’m currently going through a period where I’m paranoid about dying and leaving all the best things unused, because I’d been saving them. Am I overthinking? Well, yes, probably (it wouldn’t be the first time), but I still stand by the philosophy of using things when I feel like it, rather than ‘saving for best’. Bit of a tangent but that was just a long-winded way of introducing Jo Loves Red Truffle 21.

Red Truffle 21 is the perfume equivalent of a cashmere blanket – warm, cosy and sophisticated – this is no Ikea fleece throw. The top notes are fig leaf, mandarin, bergamot, and black pepper; middle notes of pine, fig, and juniper; and base notes of truffle, vetiver and patchouli. It seems to be one of those scents that smells different on everyone – some people definitely get the truffle note most strongly, whilst others get the zingy citrus.

On me, the initial burst is the pine and citrus, before it settles down to a warm figgy fug with hints of something indefinable, which I suspect is the truffle mingled with patchouli. The whole ‘scent journey’ (I hate myself a bit for typing that) is glorious and I adore it. It sticks around a good bit longer than most Jo Malone colognes too, which is good – I always slightly resent paying so much for something that is gone in less time than it takes a hipster to make a flat white.

Red Truffle 21 is a bit spendy but, for such a marvellous and complex perfume, not too bad at all – the 50ml is £65 and the 100ml is £110 – and I couldn’t recommend it more.


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