Winter is coming – how to stay warm

Winter is coming – how to stay warm

As someone who is almost always too cold or too hot (no, you can’t call me Goldilocks), winter is a tricky time to negotiate, especially when you work in an office with very old drafty windows and over-enthusiastic heating – it would be marvellous if they cancelled each other out but that would be too easy. So I have some tips on how to stay warm in the cold weather (but not so hot that you overheat and pass out); they’re not rocket science but sometimes the simplest things (see also: woolly hats, electric blankets, cashmere socks) can be overlooked.

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  1. Wrist warmers: I swear by these as soon as the temperature starts to drop. They’re less obvious that fingerless gloves but still manage to keep you surprisingly toasty; the fact that you can type in them is a huge bonus for those of use in freezy offices. I like these from Turtle Doves and these from Hush.
  2. Sheepskin insoles: Yes, these sound incredibly geeky, but having an extra layer of fuzz between your feet and the frozen ground is only ever a good thing. I’ve tried a few different brands and can confirm that the cheaper ones aren’t really worth it – go for the properly thick woolly ones, like these from Celtic & Co.
  3. A cuppa: Ok, so this is an obvious one, but the warming power of a hot drink can’t be underestimated, both to drink and to hold. I’m a black coffee person through and through but try to only drink it before noon. For the rest of the day, I stick to various rooibos teas, which is naturally decaf; my favourites are this from Teapigs and this from Tick Tock.
  4. Flannel bedding: seriously, this is one of the best things to get for the winter months – it’s far warmer and cosier than having an extra blanket on the bed (although obviously that’s an extra option for minus temperatures!). We love this from Linea and this from Marks and Spencer.
  5. An super snuggly scarf: again, this is an obvious one, but I’m a huge advocate of keeping one’s scarf on at all times when it’s cold – inside, outside, doesn’t matter. Having something warm around your neck can make a really big difference to how cosy you feel, and finely-woven styles can be an snug as thick blanket scarves, if they’re made of the right fabric. Try this from Oasis (via Asos) or this from Duck Soup Cashmere.

What do you do to keep warm when the temperature drops?

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