Five happy happenings #22

Five happy happenings #22

It’s 10pm and I’m curled up on the sofa with wine, clutching my hot water bottle like Kate Winslet clung to that sea-tossed door. I know how to rock a Saturday. Here are five happy things from the past couple of weeks, before Feminax and blankets became necessary:

Five Happy Happenings #21

    1. It was our first wedding anniversary last week. I’m a little annoyed that our first year of being Mr and Mrs Mouse had to coincide with the clusterf*ck that has been 2016, but still…
    2. Barter Books’ marvellous book Christmas tree. If I didn’t think Marple would try to climb it, I’d make one in the living room.
    3. Finding the only Ngaio Marsh novel that I hadn’t read in Barter Books – so satisfying.
    4. Only a week of work left before I break up for Christmas (does anyone else still say ‘break up’ as if they were still at school?). Thank. God.
    5. Satsumas (easy-peel and seedless, obv.). I’m eating so many that I suspect I’m going to turn into the Sunny Delight snowman.

What happy happenings have you had recently? Are you looking forward to a break over Christmas?

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