Skincare for cold winter nights

Skincare for cold winter nights

My skin doesn’t know what is going on at the moment. One day it’s -2°C and bright sunshine, the next it’s 13° with torrential rain (#FFS); the shops don’t seem to notice that there’s no need to the heating to be on full blast all the time, but my office window doesn’t fully close so it’s constantly draughty. It’s shit glorious, it really is, and my skin is entirely confused – it’s become dehydrated, dry and flaky in places, features a couple of spots, and just generally dull and blah. To get it back to its normal, relatively content self, I’ve been flinging bucketloads of hydration at it, as well as a hit of exfoliation every other night to keep the flaky bits at bay.

The cleansing stages have remained much the same for the past year – Nivea Double Essentials Eye Makeup Remover, Emma Hardie Moringa/Oskia Renaissance Balm – and I always whack some Serozinc on afterwards. The best thing I’ve found recently for my eyes, morning and evening, is the Hylamide SubQ Eye Advanced Serum, which stops my under-eye area from becoming crinkly and seems to make my concealer sink less into my fine lines.

Cold weather skincare

I’ve been alternating between two serums, The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% & Zinc PCA 1% and Kypris Moonlight Catalyst, both of which are partly aimed at reducing pigmentation and fading scarring. The Kypris uses both fermented pumpkin enzymes and plant-derived EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) to soften, exfoliate, and accelerate skin healing. It’s a lightweight gel serum which sinks in super quickly and doesn’t bobble under oil or moisturiser. The Ordinary serum is what I use when I’m feeling a bit spotty, as the zinc and niacinamide combo. is good for helping to heal blemishes and balance the skin. It’s amazing value at £5 but does bobble if you use too much, so I try to stick to one drop spread evenly over my chin and forehead.

The moisture portion of the routine comes from the marvellous Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial, which I’ve raved about here, and the Samaya Anti-Ageing Cream* from the Pitta range. Samaya is a skincare brand which combines the principles of Ayurveda with active natural ingredients; it has a relatively small range of products so far – a cleanser, an anti-ageing cream, and an oil – in three ranges based on your ‘dosha’. I’ll be writing a proper review of the moisturiser in due course, when I’ve used it for a bit longer, but so far I can say that it’s a gorgeously-scented lotion that packs far more of a moisture punch than its fluidity would suggest. It has a really silky texture on the skin and works equally well over the Sarah Chapman oil and under an SPF in the morning.

Have you used any of these skincare bits? What do you reach for when the temperature drops?

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