Springtime in a tub – Soapsmith Bloomsbury Bath Soak

Soapsmith Bloomsbury Bath Soak

It’s a tricky time of year: the seasons are finally changing – the blackbirds are singing again, I’ve seen my first blossoming tree, and there was actually sun for more than half an hour at a time yesterday – but it’s still cold enough to make a bath seem appealing. Soapsmith Bloomsbury Bath Soak is the ideal product for this weird period because it lets you have a long hot soak whilst scenting the house with the smell of spring.

Soapsmith Bloomsbury Bath Soak

Bathing in this is like lying naked in the middle of a flower market, surrounded by roses, peonies, and honeysuckle all in full bloom, but without the danger of being arrested for indecent exposure. You throw in a couple of scoops of the gloriously-scented powder and the bath water turns milky and silky and lovely. There’s coconut milk powder and cocoa seed butter for moisture, epsom salts and dead sea salts for relaxation, and oat powder for soothing any irritated skin. I do need moisturiser when I get out but I have the driest shins known to woman, so those with ‘normal’ legs should be fine without.

I gave Mother Mouse a tub of the Bloomsbury for Christmas and it’s been declared the ‘best bath stuff’ she’s ever had. Praise indeed. The other ‘flavours’ within the Soapsmith range sound equally marvellous, especially the minty and uplifting GreenPark and the mega-relaxing Lavender Hill. The soaps are also lovely, and Baker Street is a must for almond fanatics.

Do you like the sound of bathing in the essence of Spring?

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