Current Favourites #2

It’s current favourites time! I’ve finally moved into our new flat in Edinburgh and things are beginning to feel a bit more settled. My commute is a lot longer, but the sea is 15 minutes walk away, which more than makes up for it. Also, bus time = reading time, which should hopefully help me get back into reading 4 or so books a week, which I haven’t done for ages. At least three of the things below are geared towards getting me out of the house quickly in the morning, which is useful when you’re someone who needs at least three coffees before you’re ready to face the world…

Current Favourites #2The makeup:

Now that my commute is reliant on buses, rather than Mr Mouse, my makeup routine has become super-speedy, and I’ve fallen back in love with eyeshadow sticks. They’re just so easy to scribble on and smudge out a bit, before they set and stay put all day (especially over the primer I’ve mentioned below…). I have several from Kiko that are great, but the one I’ve been grabbing all the time recently is the Burberry Eye Contour in Pale Copper. It’s shimmery without being glittery, leans cool rather than warm, and is almost impossible to get wrong.

The perfume:

Buying a fragrance without sniffing it first is always a risk but I’m really glad took the chance on Escentric 01 from Escentric Molecules. The more complex sibling of the unique, single ingredient, Molecule 01, it smells amazing when I first spray it on – woody, warm, peppery, and both zingy and warm, somehow – and it dries down to just smell like, well, me. But better.

The primer:

Yet another fabulous product from The Ordinary, the High Spreadability Fluid Primer might have ruined me for all other primers. Out of the bottle it feels like any other silicone primer but when you slap it on your face and rub it in (which you can do without it pilling), it suddenly feels lighter and smoother, and oddly moisturised. I’ve found that foundation lasts longer, my under-eye concealer doesn’t crease and, amazingly, it might be the best eyeshadow primer I’ve ever found. It’s bloody brilliant

The body product:

The skin on my shins is extremely sensitive, far more so the rest of my body, and gets really dry and scaly (nice) without regular moisturising. Being awkward, I also hate the feeling of thick cream, especially at night, so the new spray lotions are a bit of a godsend. I like the Aveeno version but the E45 Fast Acting Spray Moisturiser is my favourite. It’s soothing, sinks in really quickly, doesn’t contain petroleum (which I hate), and keeps the scales at bay. Just be a bit careful, the spray is…forceful.

The food:

Ah, Oreos, how I do love you. I’ve always been partial to the little black and white biscuits, but the my recent discovery of both Mint Oreos (like Mint Areo in a biscuit) and the Double Chocolate Thins has been marvellous. Whilst it’s almost impossible to separate the layers of the latter, because they’re so thin, the crunch makes up for it. They’re the most moreish cookie I’ve had in a long time and are most definitely a favourite.

What have been your favourite things recently?

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