Five marvellous podcasts

Five marvellous podcasts

I’ve only really joined the podcast party in the last year or so, but now I can’t get enough. They’re brilliant for distracting you from annoying fellow commuters if you forget a book or when you can’t cope with listening to Adele for the 92nd time that week. Like thousands of others, Serial was my gateway drug (season 1 > season 2, fyi), but these are my current favourites.

One of the most well-known on this list, My Dad Wrote a Porno is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. I started listening to it on the bus in the morning, but had to stop because I was literally snorting with laughter and getting some extremely odd looks. Now Mr Mouse and I listen to it in the car, where we can both snort to our hearts’ content. As you can imagine, a guy reading out his father’s ‘erotic’ novel is possibly not for the easily offended (although everyone can appreciate Rocky’s attention to logistical detail…). You’ll never watch Titanic in the same way again…

The one I’ve been listening to three episodes at a time is You Must Remember This, an impeccably-researched and really well-written podcast about ‘secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century’. There are 105 episodes, mostly arranged in themed-series including Charles Manson, six degrees of Joan Crawford, and Dead Blondes, and all of those I’ve listened to so far have been brilliant. I started with Charles Manson, whizzing through the 12 episodes in about a week, and am just about to finish Dead Blondes (which is more tasteful than it sounds) – every episode is fascinating and so so moreish.

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The first of the two beauty podcasts on this list is Full Coverage, written and hosted by Harry ‘HarryMakesItUp’ Hadfield and author Lindsey Kelk. They both live in L.A., both are passionate about makeup and skincare, and both are women I’d love to go and get pissed with. Each episode has a vague theme (very vague) but is really just two mates chatting about products they love (and ‘the worst lipstick in the world’) with the occasional feminist bit – Lindsey has an excellent rant about people criticising women’s right to enjoy Magic Mike. I just wish it was weekly, rather than fortnightly.

Second up for beauty (among other things) is the The Emma Guns Show. Presented by beauty writer and presenter Emma Gunavardhana, each episode is with a person from the health, beauty, or ‘wellness’ industry, covering everything from their career paths and favourite products to heavy metal and anxiety. They don’t feel like interviews – more like relaxed chats, although some work better than others. Favourite guests include Caroline Hirons, Nadine Baggott (1 and 2), Sali Hughes (1 and 2), and Joanna McGarry.

My final choice is an old classic – Desert Island Discs. I’ve listened to this for years and there’s something so relaxing and comforting about hearing the theme tune and knowing that either Sue or Kirsty will be in charge of the next 45 mins (I’m definitely too young for Roy Plomley, thank you very much). Whilst I really like it when the castaways are people I know nothing about, my favourites are Sir David AttenboroughTim Minchin, and Nadiya Hussain.

Are you on the podcast train? What do you recommend?


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