Five happy happenings #24

Five happy happenings #24

Well, it’s been a hot minute little while since I wrote one of these posts. It’s not because everything has been miserable (and even if it has been, it couldn’t possibly have been as bad as the weather – where the hell has summer gone?), I promise, but I have been both busy and a bit stressed, neither of which are particularly conducive to writing semi-amusing copy about makeup, new bedding, bees, or gin.

Anyway, here are the five stand-out happy happenings from the past couple of months.Bee

  1. Exploring the Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. It isn’t a city lacking in green spaces but the Botanics is so lovely, and is big enough not to feel crowded even when filled with people.
  2. Rediscovering the joys of Pom Bears. Crisps shaped likes bears, what’s not to love?
  3. Marple Cat finally settling down in the new flat. Thank the Lord for Feliway diffusers. Seriously, it’s a cat/carpet/sanity-saver.
  4. Gilmore Girls. As always.
  5. The comfy joy-times of Selected Femme Marley espadrilles. Soft enough to mould to your feet, hardy enough for proper pavement (and currently on offer at Asos).

What happy happenings have you had lately?

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