Worth the hype? Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter in Metal Moon

Fenty Beauty Metal Moon

Possibly one of the most hyped-up brands of the last couple of years, Fenty Beauty burst onto the scene in September with 40 shades of foundation and more highlighters than anyone could ever need. The Christmas collection has just launched, with a glitter palette, shimmery lipsticks, and a fabulous-looking eyeliner that reveals glitter when you gently rub it, but I was more excited by the original drop. The foundation has both properly pale and decidedly deep shades, the contour and highlighter sticks have really very satisfying magnetic packaging, and there’s a powder highlighter for every tone and taste.

Fenty Beauty Metal Moon

I’ve got one of the single Killawatt highlighters, in Metal Moon. It’s the (much much) subtler sibling of Trophy Wife, the bold gold that has been splashed across social media since the launch which looks brilliant on deep skin and, frankly, bonkers on everyone else. Metal Moon looks like pure white in the pan but on the skin is a rather pretty pale, glowy, white gold. It feels slightly dry when you swatch it but doesn’t feel that way when you apply it with a brush, and definitely becomes far more intense the more it’s buffed in. It can be slightly too glittery in direct sunlight but in a twinkly way, rather than chunky, and it doesn’t seem to settle into pores or emphasise my relatively uneven texture. S’also good as an eyeshadow, so that’s nice.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter in Metal Moon swatch

Is it worth £26? If you wear highlighter a lot, I think it is. It’s fairly hefty and I can’t see anyone hitting pan within a year unless they’re literally rubbing the compact on their face (if you do this, please send photos). The dual highlighters might be a better bet if you like to dial-up the intensity as they have one shade that’s a whole lot more subtle than the other – but this is such a pretty highlight that I don’t really see how you can go wrong, unless you have very pink-toned skin, in which case it might look a bit sallow.

Have you picked up anything from Fenty Beauty yet?

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  • hello!

  • I have the Killawatt Duo and I hit pan on both shades within the month! I think the design of the duo is so poor though as it’s such a wierd shape you’re forced to be quite heavy handed in one area due to the shape of the pan!
    Helpless Whilst Drying

  • Oh no! I’ve been tempted to get the palest duo as they’re so pretty, but my collection is looking a little highlighter-heavy, so maybe I’ll resist a bit longer…