Save, spend, splurge: night oils for autumn skin

Night oils for autumn skin

I’ve used facial oils for probably a decade now, and couldn’t be without them in my skincare routine. I’ve got quite a few, especially miniatures which always seem to make appearances in free gift bags, and tend to rotate them depending on how my skin feels. As the weather is rapidly approaching veritably chilly, I’ve turned […]

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Review: Pink Parcel monthly box

In the ever-growing world of subscription boxes, it’s always satisfying to find something a bit different. I’ve written about various lovely things to get through your letterbox here and here, and I’ve found another gem in Pink Parcel. It’s not the only monthly box that combines period supplies with treats, but it is one of […]

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Affordable berry lip shades for Autumn

Affordable berry lip shades for Autumn from the drugstore

It’s that time of the year again, where makeup turns from corally-pink tones and glossy lips to warmer reds and berries, and more matte finishes. Berry shades really suit my colouring so I’m always glad when Autumn rolls around (see also: my birthday being in October; crunchy leaves; hot chocolate; boots; chunky jumpers; scarves). There are […]

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Makeup Geek, Morphe and Mac shadow collection

Twenty Makeup Geek, Morphe and Mac shadows

I’ve always liked the idea of putting together a custom palette of eyeshadows but couldn’t justify the £10 each at MAC – that would work out to be one bloody expensive palette and, frankly, I haven’t found that all MAC shades are good enough quality to make it worth it. Makeup Geek, on the the […]

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Review: Morphe Brushes 690 Deluxe Contour Set

Morphe Brushes 609 Deluxe Contour Buffing Brush Set

Morphe Brushes have become such a hyped brand, largely due to YouTubers and bloggers singing their praises, and have a huge range of brushes and makeup, especially the infamous eyeshadow palettes. I haven’t tried much from them yet, apart from a couple of their single eyeshadow pans in shades that Makeup Geek didn’t have (review coming soon) […]

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Pale concealers – who’s the fairest of them all?

As I may have mentioned once or twice I’m remarkably pale-skinned. Whilst I like pretending that I look like Snow White, and that my skin actually looks like alabaster or porcelain, it makes it stupidly difficult to find base products. I wrote about some foundations (mostly) work for me here and thought that it was […]

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Five of my favourite YouTubers

Watching beauty videos on YouTube has been my guilty pleasure for a couple of years now; there’s something very self-indulgent about spending time watching other people putting their makeup on, but I find it oddly relaxing. There are a whole tonne of YouTuber clichés – overuse of ‘obsessed’, the inability to find any adjectives other […]

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A shimmering duo from Becca

I was possibly too excited when Becca released the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Pearl as an individual shade – finally, the ghostly of face could be über-glowy too. I loved the look of Champagne Pop but it was just too dark for my skin tone, looking like a shimmery stripe, albeit a rather pretty […]

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Save, spend, splurge: clarifying masks

Like a lot of people I love whacking on a mask a couple of times a week, usually in the bath or whilst sprawled across the bed watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I have lots of them but most fall into one of two categories – clarifying or moisturising. The save, spend, splurge this time […]

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