2017 most used products: skin care

2017 Skin care Favourites

So. That was 2017, huh? Well, I for one am pretty glad that it’s over; although it had its good bits (moving to Edinburgh being the main highlight), it hasn’t been brilliant from a personal point of view and, I think we can (almost) all agree that politically it’s been a bit of a shit-show. […]

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Best of Beauty – 2016 favourites

Best of Beauty - 2016 Favourites

I was in two minds about whether to do a favourites post for 2016, but I like reading them and, frankly, it’s useful for me to really think about what I’ve loved the most; it’s easy to get caught up in the desire to try everything new and it’s good to gather together the things […]

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Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow in Nude Beach

The Sunset Pink collection from Bobbi Brown is really rather gorgeous. It’s inspired by the colours of the late afternoon sun in Telluride, Colorado, which Bobbi thinks make everyone look radiant and soft-lit – who doesn’t want to look like that all the time? There are three new Highlighting Powders, three Sheer Colour Cheek Tints, […]

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My current travel makeup bag

I’ve called this post my ‘current travel makeup bag’ as if I’m one of those people who’s jetting off on trips at the drop of a hat – I’m really not, sadly. Having said that, these are the things that were grabbed last time I went away with Mr Mouse for a night in Edinburgh […]

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2015 Favourites – Makeup

2015 seems to have been the year of makeup in Chez Mouse. I’m still far from being able to whip out a smoky eye in 3 minutes or wear red lipstick everyday but I’ve definitely branched out a bit. For my favourites I’ve tried to stick to one product per category but there’re a couple of ‘highly […]

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