Current Favourites #2

It’s current favourites time! I’ve finally moved into our new flat in Edinburgh and things are beginning to feel a bit more settled. My commute is a lot longer, but the sea is 15 minutes walk away, which more than makes up for it. Also, bus time = reading time, which should hopefully help me […]

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My January nails edit

January Nails edit

I’ve heard so many people complain about the fact that people are still wearing dark polishes and ‘surely it’s time for Spring colours now?’ Have you looked out of the window? It couldn’t look less Spring-like if it tried. It’s dreary, rainy, bloody cold, and frankly, I feel about as ready for pastel nails as […]

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Best of Beauty – 2016 favourites

Best of Beauty - 2016 Favourites

I was in two minds about whether to do a favourites post for 2016, but I like reading them and, frankly, it’s useful for me to really think about what I’ve loved the most; it’s easy to get caught up in the desire to try everything new and it’s good to gather together the things […]

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Summer pink picks

This might be the most girly¬†collection of products that I’ve ever put together and there is almost no chance that I would wear pink on my eyes, cheeks, and lips at the same time, but a hint of pink is so pretty, especially when the sun is out. Starting with the eyes, the shadow pans […]

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Simple summer base

Much like everyone else, I try to make my base products lighter and glowier in the summer, but I don’t like to completely sacrifice coverage; I like freckles etc to show through but I’d rather than acne scars and pigmentation were less visible. To be honest, that doesn’t really change throughout the year but in […]

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Top of the taupes

Taupe eyeshadows are my go-to for when I’m in a hurry and/or can’t really be bothered to blend eleventy shades on my eyeballs. My favourites have enough silver or copper to complement my sometimes brown, sometimes hazel eyes and¬†are also subtle enough to look polished without having to make much of an effort – my […]

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