Edinburgh’s five best coffee spots

Edinburgh's best coffee

I may be literally addicted to caffeine–I get headaches if I don’t have enough daily…oops–but that doesn’t mean that I’l drink any old coffee. I’m not at the stage of only drinking nitrate coffee brewed by hipster unicorns, but I think instant coffee is the drink of the devil and loathe foam or anything too […]

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Five happy happenings #24

Well, it’s been a hot minute little while since I wrote one of these posts. It’s not because everything has been miserable (and even if it has been, it couldn’t possibly have been as bad as the weather – where the hell has summer gone?), I promise, but I have been both busy and a […]

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5 happy happenings, #23

Five Happy happenings 23

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Mouse House as I got a new job in Edinburgh and had four weeks to find somewhere to live, hand over my old job, and prepare to move to a different city (and country). It’s now Sunday afternoon, Mr Mouse has just gone back to Durham for […]

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5 happy happenings #4

Last weekend Mr Mouse and I has an impromptu trip to Edinburgh for the night, and it was just what we needed. The weather was amazing, the hotel was great, and the city was its usual gorgeous self. I can’t wait to go back. Here are the five best bits of the last couple of […]

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