5 happy happenings, #23

Five Happy happenings 23

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Mouse House as I got a new job in Edinburgh and had four weeks to find somewhere to live, hand over my old job, and prepare to move to a different city (and country). It’s now Sunday afternoon, Mr Mouse has just gone back to Durham for […]

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Five happy happenings #15

We’ve just spend a week in a cottage by the sea in Aberdeenshire and I’m now suffering from severe post-holiday blues. Admittedly it rained/snowed/hailed/sleeted for almost the entire week but just occasionally the sun would come out and we could see the view above from our bedroom and everything felt better. I might do a […]

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5 happy happenings #3

1. A gloriously sunny four-day weekend with nothing to do but sit in the garden and read (and eat chocolate). 2. Discovering Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk – the ‘no added sugar’ is a tad misleading (date syrup counts as sugar in my book) but it’s bloody delicious. 3. Vases of daffodils all over the house. […]

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