Makeup Geek, Morphe and Mac shadow collection

Twenty Makeup Geek, Morphe and Mac shadows

I’ve always liked the idea of putting together a custom palette of eyeshadows but couldn’t justify the £10 each at MAC – that would work out to be one bloody expensive palette and, frankly, I haven’t found that all MAC shades are good enough quality to make it worth it. Makeup Geek, on the the […]

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Review: Morphe Brushes 690 Deluxe Contour Set

Morphe Brushes 609 Deluxe Contour Buffing Brush Set

Morphe Brushes have become such a hyped brand, largely due to YouTubers and bloggers singing their praises, and have a huge range of brushes and makeup, especially the infamous eyeshadow palettes. I haven’t tried much from them yet, apart from a couple of their single eyeshadow pans in shades that Makeup Geek didn’t have (review coming soon) […]

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Pale concealers – who’s the fairest of them all?

As I may have mentioned once or twice I’m remarkably pale-skinned. Whilst I like pretending that I look like Snow White, and that my skin actually looks like alabaster or porcelain, it makes it stupidly difficult to find base products. I wrote about some foundations (mostly) work for me here and thought that it was […]

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A shimmering duo from Becca

I was possibly too excited when Becca released the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Pearl as an individual shade – finally, the ghostly of face could be über-glowy too. I loved the look of Champagne Pop but it was just too dark for my skin tone, looking like a shimmery stripe, albeit a rather pretty […]

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Max Factor Cappuccino Nudes palette

Obviously most people need another nude eyeshadow palette like they need a poke in the eye but, just in case, this little dude, the Masterpiece Nude Palette in Cappuccino Nudes from Max Factor is rather nice. I actually bought this because I forgot to take my Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 with me for my […]

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August shopping list

Jo Malone Peony and Moss Charity Candle

I really should start calling this my monthly wishlist because if I always bought everything on it, I’d be permanently broke and our honeymoon would remain out of reach forever (rather than just several years). Still, it’s good to know what I actually want, rather than the things I pick up on a whim when I’m […]

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Summer pink picks

This might be the most girly collection of products that I’ve ever put together and there is almost no chance that I would wear pink on my eyes, cheeks, and lips at the same time, but a hint of pink is so pretty, especially when the sun is out. Starting with the eyes, the shadow pans […]

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Three perfect cream highlighters for pale skin

Everyone and their cat seems to be loving highlighter at the moment, whether it makes you look subtly glowing or like a freshly glazed Krispy Kreme (other shiny doughnuts are available). I swing between wanting a delicate refined sheen and hankering after a gleam you could see in space. Rather surprisingly it’s when I want something more […]

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Simple summer base

Much like everyone else, I try to make my base products lighter and glowier in the summer, but I don’t like to completely sacrifice coverage; I like freckles etc to show through but I’d rather than acne scars and pigmentation were less visible. To be honest, that doesn’t really change throughout the year but in […]

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