Current favourites #1


End of year favourites posts are the only ones I’ve ever done, but I thought it would be good to introduce some a little more regularly. It’s primarily to stop my Happy Happenings becoming all about products, rather than feelings and experiences; it’s fine for things to make one happy, obviously, but I’d like to […]

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Need a tote for that?

As of Monday¬†shops in the UK are charging for plastic carrier bags. The Daily Mail would have you believe that there are going to be riots in the streets and the Express probably thinks that the lack of free plastic¬†somehow contributed to the death of Princess Di, but I suspect that most of us will […]

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Keep your desk happy with new stationery

Stationery seems to be having something of a moment and whilst for people like me, who have always loved it, this can be a little tiresome (no more posts from bloggers who seem to think that they’re the first person to have discovered the pretty notebook, please god), it does mean that there is currently […]

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