2017 most used products: skin care

2017 Skin care Favourites

So. That was 2017, huh? Well, I for one am pretty glad that it’s over; although it had its good bits (moving to Edinburgh being the main highlight), it hasn’t been brilliant from a personal point of view and, I think we can (almost) all agree that politically it’s been a bit of a shit-show. […]

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February fashion and beauty wish list

Feb fashion & beauty wish list

I don’t know about anyone else but January has felt like a seriously long month. What with the frankly appalling state of politics at the moment (on both sides of the Pond, let alone further afield), work-stress, not feeling brilliant, and┬ápossibly doing slightly too much online shopping to metaphorically drown my sorrows, December’s pay day […]

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Travel skincare to keep my face freak-out free

I’m currently in Glasgow, having a couple of days pootling around whilst Mr Mouse is at a conference. I walked much further yesterday than I meant to, so moving is proving something of an issue today – it turns out that I do, in fact, have hamstrings. And I think they hate me. Less problematic […]

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